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Wishbone Roost 1.8kg

Wishbone Roost 1.8kg

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Feed your kitty the farm-inspired goodness of Wishbone Roost Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. Made with the unmatched quality of New Zealand cage-free chicken, this food is lovingly made in small batches to retain its natural goodness. It’s seasoned with an exquisite blend of herbal botanicals, including basil, rosemary and thyme, plus cranberries and blueberries that your cat will savor. The result is a nutrient-boosting feast for the senses, which includes 90% protein from chicken and fish meals to feed his carnivorous tastes.


  • Lovingly made in small batches with New Zealand cage-free chicken to retain its natural goodness.
  • Seasoned with an exquisite balance of herbal botanicals, cranberries and blueberries for a nutrient-boosting feast for the senses.
  • Filler-free recipe has a greater concentration of nutrients per cup of food which means you can feed less to your cat compared to other pet foods.
  • Great for all life stages with 90% protein plus added vitamins and minerals.
  • All-natural and grain-free recipe contains no added corn, fillers, soy or wheat or artificial colors or flavorings.