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Pet Horizon EYErific Eye Cleanser For Dogs & Cats 140ml

Pet Horizon EYErific Eye Cleanser For Dogs & Cats 140ml

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EYErific's gentle formula is suitable for daily use to clean the eyes and reduce tear stains.
The healing properties help nourish the blood vessels of the eye and stimulate tissue healing.

Its soothing ingredients also aid healing of sore, inflamed and infected eyes. Helps control and prevent conjunctivitis.

Use EYErific to remove discharges that accumulate in your pet's eyes, eyelids and facial folds.

Free from chemicals that may cause irritation.
Particularly useful for white and light coated cats and dogs.

- soft & gentle, contains Aloe Vera & reduces tear stains
- sterile, isotonic & pH-adjusted
- contains Aloe Vera (natural healer)
- soothes sore & inflamed eyes
- relieves & prevents eye inflammation
- reduces tear stains
- non-irritating, non-staining
- gentle for cleaning facial skin folds