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Pawise Cat Post Gato

Pawise Cat Post Gato

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Dimensions : 40cm X 40cm X 50cm

Pawise Cat Post Gato Podium is a multi-scratch podium that comes complete with three scratching posts and an observational platform that provides your kitty with a classic 360-degree view where they will love to lounge on the platform, observe his people and watch the world goes by.

This scratching pole feature 3 seagrass wrapped scratching pole to meet your cat’s natural scratching needs, with 3 colorful hanging ball toy for your cat to bat and play with. The Pawise Cat Post Gato Podium is robust, easy to assemble and stylish to fit any home.


  • Robust and easily assembled
  • Three seagrass wrapped scratching posts
  • Top observational platform (360º view) for napping and lounging
  • Divert attention to scratching post instead of furniture
  • Comes with 3 dangling ball toy
  • Stylish to fit any home
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes and life stages