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Cardinal Clean Scent Moisturizing Shampoo

Cardinal Clean Scent Moisturizing Shampoo

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Made with a deep cleansing formula that is sure to leave a long-lasting fragrance. Clean Scent shampoo is tough on dirt, but gentle on coats. Contains Cardoplex, which is a revolutionary shampoo developed to help wash and dry pets faster, so bathing is easier. Contains pro-vitamin B-5 which not only adds luster and shine to the pet coat but thickens the coat and helps prevent future damage.

Cardinal Laboratories Citrus Clean Shampoo uses natural conditioners to deep clean and deodorize while restoring that coat and adding luster and shin. Natural citrus oils and aloe vera are formulated together to eliminate odors - Perfect for pets that have been skunked - Improves the look and feel of coat - Eradicate Skunk Odor & Body Odors. Use clean Scent shampoo to keep your pet smelling clean and fresh up to 14 days. Its highly concentrated and rich in conditioners. It adds luster and shine and makes it easier to groom your pet. Moisturizers help prevent dry skin and coat.  When used as directed this unique, deodorizing formula will not irritate eyes or skin.


  • Cardoplex System Helps To Wash, Rinse And Dry Faster; Over 2000 Testimonials
  • Unique Easy To Hold Bottle
  • Made with a deep cleansing formula that is sure to leave a long-lasting fragrance
  • Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Tough On Dirt
  • Gentle On Coats
  • Static and flyaway out
  • Tangles out
  • Fragrance in, shine in.


Pro-vitamin B-5, Other extracts.