About Us

Tobias The Cat


Our journey started on the 24th Sep 2019 when our beloved Tobias
went missing. 
We searched everywhere for him. 
We put up notices for him.
We went to all the groups and asked for everyone’s help to find him. 
We gave a huge reward bounty for anyone who can find him. 

Animal Communicator

I got certified as an 'Animal Communicator' in hopes to try and find Tobias and help people who would like to communicate with their furry family.

Even after 6 months, We are still looking for him. 
I guess that we will never stop looking for him because he is a family to us. 
During that period of time, we are extremely grateful for the Cat owners communities’ help.  
Our family decided that we want to serve and give back to our community that has helped us through this trying time. 
The reason why we decided to start Tobias Kibbles.
  1.       To continue to find Tobias by spreading his pictures, names, brand everywhere
  2. To serve the Cat owners communities that have helped us so much
  3. To help people who have also lost their furry families find them back through animal communication in the future.
    We hoped that you can find something good for your precious babies here. 
    For all Cat Lovers,
    Maselly Aziz

    Tobias The Cat